Do you know your Life Purpose, your Special Path?

If you would like to reserve a private reading, first send an email to with your phone number and email address including the following:

  • Your full name at birth and now – please indicate which is which
  • Your date of birth (month, day, year)
  • Your place of birth (city, state, and country, if other than the U.S.A),
  • Your time of birth (if known) Although I can do a Chart without it, your time of birth provides a great deal of information, so I would highly recommend that you have it, if at all possible. In the U.S.A., hospitals are required to keep records of all births and birth times. In many towns, the Town Offices also keep records of the time of birth.
  • If your question involves another person or a pet, you will need to give that person or pet’s date of birth, place of birth and time of birth (if known).
  • If you have three questions, please include them in your email along with any background information you wish to share.

How much does a Reading cost?
My standard fee is $80 for an hour’s Reading. Any additional time will be rescheduled in increments of 15 minutes at $1 per minute.

How do I pay for a Reading?
Email Susan at and she will have send you an invoice, where you will be able to pay by debit/credit card. Or you can mail me a personal check for $80 in the US mail. I will provide you my mailing address if you choose the second option. Once I have received your payment, we will schedule your appointment by phone.