When we know why we are here, we are free to soar.


It’s all about you, examining where you are and how you got here. This Reading looks at your strengths, your challenges and your Life Direction. Readings can be Life Readings, Yearly Themes or Current Questions


Relationship readings are designed to help with understanding spouses, partners, parent-child, boss-employee, teacher-student, relatives, friends, etc.

It takes two to make a relationship. This Reading looks at what each person brings to the table, based on each of their Life Charts. What is already working smoothly and what gets in the way? What can help make the connection the most loving and helpful?


– how pets help their owners and what they work on together.

I believe our pets were sent to us to help us with our lessons and to bring us joy. Like us, our pets have Charts too, which shows what they add to the relationship, what they are learning and what they are teaching us. These Readings look at what’s needed for the most loving relationship.


I also offer readings for terminally ill people and/or their family and loved ones. These readings can help make their last days on Earth more peaceful, fulfilling, and comforting. They can be a Relationship Reading or an Individual Reading, looking at what each person needs to make this time the most helpful for everyone.


looking at your overall Life Path and how you are doing with your lessons.


Yearly readings look at what is affecting you this year, what new opportunities and challenges have been added to your life.


This reading looks at any current questions that you have – looking at any areas of your choice, connected to a soul perspective of your Life Path.