If we watch and listen carefully, there will always be a Light to guide us.
  • I believe that Life is a positive process of learning and growth.
  • I believe that we are here on Earth to increase our understanding of Life, to expand our capacity to love, to attain a sense of well-being, and to help each other.
  • The more we understand who we are, the better we can become who we wish to be.
  • I see the Self as the best part of who we are, the loving person who is striving to be a better, more evolved person all the time. Awareness of your Self is the key to fulfillment, optimism, and a sense of calm and inner peace.
  • I believe that our inner spiritual condition creates our outer experience.  As a result, everything in our daily lives … relationships, work, finances, healthy, geography, etc. is a reflection of where we are on our spiritual path.
  • One of the great gifts the study of Astrology gives us is the ability to laugh, with compassion, affection, and understanding.  When we can laugh at our foibles, we can begin to think about changing them.
  • Astrology is not fortune telling, but a treasure map of our lives, giving us quality, clarity and direction.